Mackenzie Clayton, T.R.S., C.T.R.S.

Recreation Coordinator

MacKenzie has been working with adolescents in outdoor programs and treatment centers for mental health and substance abuse since 2012.  She attended the University of Utah and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Recreational Therapy.  MacKenzie believes that incorporating a client’s interest can make the therapy process more meaningful.  She understands that every student is unique and benefits from individualized goals and activities that will help increase self-esteem,self-efficacy and quality of life.   

    MacKenzie enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, skateboarding and mountain biking.  She is always interested in learning new things and has recently picked up fly fishing.  She loves sharing her passions and skill sets with the students at Vista.  When she is not playing in the mountains she enjoys spending time with husband and their dog, Koda.