Deciding to send my son to Vista was very difficult.  He had just completed a tough wilderness program and claimed he was totally ready to come home.  And, he was a most persistent and persuasive teen.  At a minimum, he argued he should go to a boarding school with some restrictions verses the more therapeutic  and controlled environment of Vista.  Once at Vista, he complained for several weeks.  But, as he got into the program, he clearly gained from the approach.  By the time he graduated from Vista in nine months he was a completely different young man.  He went on to be President of his high school class, started a business between high school and college, and has now completed his first semester of college with a 3.6 GPA. Most importantly, he has been clean of drugs and alcohol from the day he started Vista until the present—a total of 25 months and still going strong.  His relationship with his brother and me is stronger than ever, and his future is very bright.

In addition to saving my son's life, VISTA was miraculously successful at keeping my son on track academically. During the crisis of the aftermath of his serious suicide attempt, and struggling to recover from drug and alcohol addition, VISTA was able to offer my son an academically environment that was at the same time challenging, supportive, and flexible. He was able to take online courses at the nearby university in addition to the on campus classes. While a resident at VISTA he was accepted to a top university!

One of the many reasons we chose VISTA was how impressed we were with the other students we interviewed. They were, all of them, highly intelligent. As our son is quite intelligent, we were confident that he would be comfortable making very good friends at VISTA, which is what happened!

Additionally, it was quite clear that these students were all very moved by the relationships they had with their primary therapist. Each of them had the same reaction. They got teary­eyed talking about how much their therapists cared about them. They all said the same thing, they're tough but they really care about me

.I could write a book about VISTA!

A.'s doing GREAT!!!  He's studying computer science at [university], rides his bike (long, fast, arduous rides) most days, hangs out with good friends, has a cool, high-paying (for his age) job at a bike shop, hangs out with his family, responds almost immediately to my texts, goes to AA meetings, has a great sponsor, works the steps, has been sober over a year now, and tells me he loves me almost every day.  

So, and it brings tears to my eyes to say this, thanks for creating the bridge for my son to come back to us.  Without VISTA I believe my son would have most certainly died last year, at just 17 years of age.

I can't say enough good things about Stansbury Academy and their staff!

Our son recently attended Stansbury for seven months. During that time, with the help and support from the staff at Stansbury Academy (especially Ned Heitz and  Henry Ponhe), our son was able to accomplish the necessary classwork to re-enroll at his home high school with the potential to graduate with his original class.  

The coordination required to support our son's ability to join his class at the same  academic level was challenging. Whenever we needed anything, Principal Ned Heitz and all the Stansbury teachers were there to support us. Ned willingly interacted with our home school to make sure all credits were appropriately transitioned and credited. Ned offered individual support to our son to improve his study skills and motivation. Ned understands and connects with the students.  

Education is such an important piece of our son's recovery and we thank  Stansbury for his renewed desire to learn.